Church bells

Welcome to the page of the Feckenham Bell Ringers.
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Our group of bell ringers is called a band. The band is not autonomous but part of a countrywide brotherhood of campanologists who are organised into county or diocesan associations to serve their churches. These associations elect representatives to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. The council meets annually and oversees all aspects of the art and science of campanology, liaising with other ecclesiastical organisations as necessary.

Hard at it!

Feckenham tower is affiliated to the Southern Branch of the Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Association and members of our band, once they become reasonably proficient, are put forward for election as members of the Association which meets regularly at affiliated towers. From our band locally we elect ringers to fulfil the office and functions involved in keeping the bells ringing for Sunday Services.
There is a Ringing Master whose duties are to organise service ringing and lead our Tuesday evening practices, wedding ringing and cover for other special occasions. The ringing master will teach and encourage members in all aspects of the art.
We have a Steeple Keeper whose duties are to maintain the installation in good working order by making regular inspections of the bells, the frame, fittings, pulleys and ropes, carrying out any necessary maintenance tasks, monitoring the belfry and ringing chamber i.e. the tower as a whole.
We have a Secretary who links with the WDCRA District Secretary and conducts correspondence as necessary, handling bookings for visiting bands.
Our fourth officer is the Treasurer who is responsible for receiving donations, keeping accounts, maintaining the bank account and producing accounts for the annual meeting of the Band. The Band’s officers liaise with the Church Wardens as necessary.
We strive to produce good striking coupled with the advancement of each member of the Band according to their capabilities, encouraging a sense of belonging, with social interaction. The art of campanology has its mysteries and its own vocabulary. We always welcome potential new recruits, age 9 to 90. If you can climb the stairs, then you can learn to ring. You will however need dedication and perseverance. It is a hard art to master but its rewards are plentiful.

To find out more contact Angela Fletcher on (01527) 893231 or at

Practice sessions on Tuesday evenings at 7.45pm