Open The Book

Open The Book enables volunteer story tellers to present children in primary schools with major stories from the Bible and more importantly encourage group participation. The project also fulfils both Ofsted and Church School inspection requirements and has been successfully used in a multi-faith context. Last but not least it engages schools, churches and communities collectively.  During the spring of 2008 a small group from our church attended a workshop at a Worcester school and with the support of the PCC, Feckenham C 0f E first School were able to commence presenting in the autumn of that year. 

An "Open The Book" session

Now about to commence a fifth year we are a team of twelve which is not only multi-faith as it also includes villagers with no direct church connections.

We are well supported by not only the PCC but also the Feckenham Charity, who help out financially with cost of books etc.

If you wish to learn more about the scheme, take part in any way or just visit a school presentation (Thursday afternoons) please contact Cyril Warrilow, team leader, on 892059. As it expands, the organisation is always in need of funds to support the nurture of future generations. National coordinator Dianne Brookes (01452 539957 or would be pleased to hear from you if you can help.

We are proud our church is playing its part in enhancing bible story teaching throughout the country.