Sermons and Podcasts from St John's Feckenham

This is a selection of Sermons and Podcasts from St John The Baptist Church, Feckenham.
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Date Title Speaker Audio?
3rd November 2019 Becoming Fully Human - All Saint's Day 2019 Rev Michael Goode Yes
5th May 2019 Ananias, a model of discipleship Rev Michael Goode Yes
3rd February 2019  Candlemas today Rev Michael Goode  
6th January 2019 The Beauty of Holiness Rev Michael Goode  
2nd December 2018 1st Sunday of Advent - Developing a kingdom perspective Rev Michael Goode  
4th November 2018 Making God Real Rev Michael Goode  
5th August 2018 Called to be Saints Rev Michael Goode  
7th May 2018 Gary's final sermon at Feckenham -Acts 20 : 17 - 38 "A Good Exit" Rev Gary Crellin  
1st April 2018 Sermon - An Easter People Ren Michael Goode  
3rd December 2017 Sermon - Meeting Christ in our neighbour Rev Michael Goode Yes
4th June 2017 - Whitsunday Sermon - Making God Real Rev Michael Goode  
May 2017 Dementia Awareness for Dementia Week - Podcast Rev Gary Crellin Yes
16th April 2017 - Easter Day Sermon - The Last Enemy Rev Michael Goode  
2nd April 2017 Sermon - Lent5, Feckenham Resuscitation Or Resurrection Rev Gary Crellin  
5th February 2017 Sermon - Podcast Rev Gary Crellin  
11th November 2016 Parish memorial service recordings - Podcast Rev Gary Crellin  
11th November 2016 Parish memorial service readings and sermon - Podcast
Rev Gary Crellin  
2nd October 2016 God in history Rev Michael Goode  
25th September 2016 Gates and chasms in our lives - Podcast Rev Gary Crellin  
20th September 2016 Community - Podcast Rev Gary Crellin  
4th September 2016 The potter and the clay Rev Michael Goode  
7th August 2016 Knowing where to go to find hope Rev Michael Goode  
21st July 2016 Feckenham First School End of Year Address Rev Gary Crellin  
3rd July 2016 St Thomas's Day Rev Michael Goode  
26th June 2016 Patronal Festival Rev Gary Crellin  
5th June 2016 God's story and ours Rev Michael Goode  
5th March 2016 Mothering Rev Michael Goode  
3rd January 2016 Epiphany Rev Michael Goode  
2nd August 2015 Sermon Rev Michael Goode  
5th July 2015 Sermon Rev Michael Goode  
28th June 2015 First Presiding at the Eucharist Rev Gary Crellin  
7th June 2015 50th Anniversay of Priesthood Rev Michael Goode  
1st March 2015  When I am Weak, Then Am I Strong Rev Michael Goode  
1st February 2015 Candlemas Rev Wyn Beynon  
4th January 2015 The Meaning of Epiphany Rev Michael Goode  
7th December 2014 Advent Hope Rev Michael Goode  
2nd November 2014 Why the Saints? Rev Michael Goode  
5th October 2014 Our Christian identity Rev Michael Goode  
3rd August 2014 Struggling with God Rev Michael Goode